Victory speech, right-side brain. 

I told you so. I told you, Every one, Every time, Time after time, I told you, I told you so.  A reply from the left side brain: & again.  Advertisements

Bestfriend down. 

Stop lying to me when we both know I’m too intuitive to be gullible, when we both know it’s not ‘too much work’, when we both know it’s not ‘so exhausted’. I’ve waited on for the truth for a while now but thank you, love you, goodbye. 

Reasons not to;

Suicide doesn’t kill the pain, only passes it on to someone else. 

empty crowds 

I’m sitting amongst the people I love the most and my heart is far away, my heart is hollow, my heart is not. 

Fake-lols, real XOs 

& I will laugh.  I will laugh and hug and say I love you a thousand times because lord knows I do. I love each of them like my own. Which is why I don’t have the heart to tell them that I’m not better again. That, the more I think about it, the more…

One month till. 

One month till 25. One month till we are 25. One month till we would have turned 25. But you took your life (& somehow saving mine) One month till I turn 25.  I’m as broken as you were – if not more  One month – I don’t want to go through 25. 


Tonight there’s no meter, no rhyme.  I’m forcing myself to type  hoping I can calm my mind Bu the blades are calling my name, again.  I’m reminded that there is no one around, again.  Im reminded that I’ve made it easier to leave than stay, again.  Im reminded of the life wasted, again.  Im reminded…


Hello, Nice to meet you – you’re welcome to stay for as long as you can. We’ve got company; to your left, meet the girl who knows not of moderation, a girl who’s more song than words, who’s more grey than colour, who’s more poetry than dance. She’ll run to you with a smile and…

Whispering SOS.

I have nothing profound to say expect that with teary eyes I’m speaking to you hoping it would make more sense, hoping it would make me stay. Tonight i’m a fragment of myself, reduced to a shell by all the white noise. I can’t stop crying, I can’t stop crying. at least I’m crying –…

Losing a friend to ISIS; A flashback.

Flashback to the last time I was ambushed with the headlines along the lines of, ” New York Subway bomb: Bangladeshi suspect ‘armed with pipe device and battery pack’ in ‘Isil-inspired’ attack We stayed up all night accounting for each and every one of us. We now had an established drill. We lived through Paris…