People will let you down. 


People are going to let you down. Even the most unassuming ones – the ones bonded by soul, bonded by blood, bonded by words. 

More often than not, it’s not necessarily meant out of malice. Understand maybe their not attuned to the chords of your heart to know what would hurt you, what would not. Maybe your beings have momentarily lost the pitch of the harmony.  

Sometimes it just means they don’t know any better. 
Sometimes it just means that they are not in the habit of putting others first – in contrary to the chorus of your being. 
People will let you down. But promise me that on days it stings, you will take some time to focus on the ones who haven’t – ones who realised that they did, ones who apologised when they did. 
Promise me that you will focus on the ones that love you back. 

Even if on somedays, you are your own one person. 

Promise you will take a timeout, nurse your wounds and plaster it with the same unconditional love you so effortlessly impart to others. Promise me that no matter what, you will never let the pain or hurt turn you in to something less – something other than your relentlessly empathetic  self that knows nothing but to dance fiercely to the tunes of love. 


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