Light and Dark 

And I say, destroy the narrative that “light is at the end of the tunnel” . I’m a twenty-something that has spent twenty-something years waiting for the illusive light at the end of the tunnel. The persistent chase for the illusive light has robbed me of the light in the underrated miracle of “now”. I’ve spent so much time running behind the mirage of a better tomorrow that I had taken for granted the little miracles that grace me on a day to day basis.

Light is a stranger returning your smile, light is the laughter of a new born you meet on the commute, light is knowing you’ve turned a bad day around for a friend, light is knowing you’ve made your parents proud.

Light is also your first pay check, and the second and the third.

Light is that message that you wait for every morning.

Light is a compliment from a stranger,

Light is your favourite song on the radio,

Light is the lyrics that understand you,

Light is the art you understand.

Light is the cold breeze,

Light is music of the dancing leaves.

Light is a warm water tub,

Light is candle light dinner.

Light is your favourite book,

Light is a warm cup of coffee.

Light is the first raindrops kissing the dust,

Light is the salty waves kissing the shore.

Light is sunrise,

Light is sunset.

Light is the shape shifting force of love that touches you in a million different ways.

Light is the million little seconds your heart smiles when you aren’t even trying.

So, destroy the narrative that “light is at the end of the tunnel”. Destroy the narrative that light is a destination.

Give me the light alongside the grin dark corners of life.

Light is life, light is now.


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  1. Cerno says:

    Well said.

    The light at the end of the tunnel is always the head light of the oncoming train.

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