;30 days I remember nothing of trigger warning – suppressed memories come out to play.

90 days I stared at the bruises on my body,

trigger warning – bruises long gone, the pain revisits sometimes.

30 more I mourned the death of life as it was,

Trigger warning – i caught a glimpse of a painting on the wall I feel defined by.

60 thereafter I lost count of the slits on my wrist,

Trigger warning – scars hiding behind ink begs to be carved on again.

100 days I forced myself out of it

Trigger warning – familiar places, unfamiliar faces.

10 days I tried to talk about it,

Trigger warning – a lovers words sounded too much like his.

20 days I burnt out nights and cigarettes

Trigger warning – the Long Island tasted too much like him, tasted too much like bile.

50 days thereafter, I started writing

Trigger warning – tuk-tuk driver takes a wrong turn; anxiety sits with me through the ride.

60 days there after, I have now exhausted the allocated quota of days I was allowed to hurt

Trigger warning – a strangers glance lingers too long on me.

100 days of telling myself I’m okay

Trigger warning – a headline says ‘rape’, I crumble all over again.

940 days since before and some days are marked by trigger warnings, and some other days, I live.


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