Paint me in shades of rape culture. 

This morning I stumbled upon a new story – ANOTHER news story capitalising on rape to sell more newspapers. So here’s yet another blog post on victim blaming. Victims of rape face a second attack in the form victim blaming by the society.  1 in 6 rapes go unreported, and they go on without getting the necessary help they deserve and need. This stigma not only leads to more complex mental and physical variations of PTSD but also to situations of suicide among victims. It’s about time society played a more proactive role in mitigating victim blaming.


A stoke of red across a white canvas, His untamed tongue – my naked body.

The screams of his sins,

Now whispers on the street.

You step aside,

Tilting your head to the left,

I stand in limbo – I’m just your masterpiece in the making.

Another brush stroke –

Painting shame over the length of my skirt.

Another brush stroke –

Painting over my virtue as if it’s yours to judge,

Another brush stroke –

Painting over my face; Im marked by his sins, marked by my shame.

Another brush stroke –

Im just his discarded play thing, and nothing more.

Another brush stroke –

Painting over my consent, as if by conversing with him I imparted some.

Another brush stroke –

I’m now your masterpiece; the transformation is complete.

Defined by each brush stroke, buried behind your tales.


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