The S word. 


We grew up thinking sex was a monstrosity, an anomaly and the source of everything that is evil. Not that we knew anything about sex. I mean, how could we? Teachers flipped through the lesson on reproductive health like they were avoiding the plague. Even as I type this, there is a thirteen year old me that is flinching every time I type out the word sex. Thankfully, I grew beyond that. 
Growing up the only information passed on to us by the adults and the high-priests of the society was, “sex was bad”. Beyond this piece of allegedly vital information, no other knowledge regarding sex – the should do’s, the shouldn’t do’s, the rights and responsibilities – were disclosed. The education system brushed through the “reproductive system” in a very anatomy based understanding of sex which was also skipped during lesson in schools because, “don’t have sex” just about summed it all up. The curious thirteen year olds were at the mercy of the Internet, the sixteen year olds knocked-up with the baby of their high-school sweetheart, and eighteen year olds curiously drawn to the calling of red-lights. Somewhere down the road, at the age of twenty, “yes” meant “no” and “no” meant “yes” and we became victims of your trivialisations.  

“Raped” was word used to describe a game, “sex-scandals” were headlines, and “sex-tapes” made celebrities.  

It’s the age old story of the spider and the web. Like a spider weaves the web to catch its prey, you spun illusions to keep us safe. And just like in the spider’s story, you and I got caught in the same web – the predator and prey alike, caught in our own lies, packed and ordained, “social norms“. 
We need to breakaway from the societal ideal that “sex” is a vice. Trivialising sex is counter productive as it leads to larger social issues. By turning a blind eye to it, we are only enabling bigger social problems instead of mitigating the same by means of creating awareness. 


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