Changing the Rhetoric on Equality.




Here’s a radical thought; let’s include men in the dialogue about gender equality.

Equality, is not the notion of women surpassing men. By definition of the term, it’s ensuring that both genders have equal access to opportunity.

Ascending from that definition, the problem is pretty straight forward. Through generations of reinforced cultural religious and social rhetoric, women have been blindsided from equal access to oppritunity. As a result, the system is skewed in favour of men.  The single term ascribed to identify this tragedy is patriarchy.

In my humble opinion, this is not a problem for and about women, this is a social problem. The disadvantage of women being excluded from the narrative is not exclusive to women. As with the advantages, the disadvantages have a distinct effect on both genders.

As such, it’s not a war by women against men, rather a outcry by both genders against the system.  The dialogue should be inclusive; engaging both women and men in the conversation.

The reasons are pretty striaght forward. It is scientifically proven that men and women do not think alike. Most successful corporate institutions have a very diverse team, so why can’t social institutions in general accommodate the diverse perspective of women?

Allow me to put the statuesque in to perspective.  Right now the world is a boring game of chess with just a King, knight and a bunch of pawns dilly dallying. Enter Queen; not only does the game get more interesting but the King now has a powerful and important player right alongside him. So, my question to you is, why not?


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