Happy 124th Birthday Mother Musaeus. 




This morning, as we celebrate our schools 124th birthday, an uneducated generalisation was posted as a status on Facebook. This post blamed my alma mater for having students who smoke, consume alcohol and smoke weed. While I don’t deny the possibility of students potentially doing so, I’m thoroughly disappointed in the society that considers smoking, drinking and indulging in drugs a gendered issue.
This Facebook hero blamed my alma mater on the premise that it was girls who were smoking and not boys. It’s men with insular perspectives like this that condone patriarchy and appropriate issues that are social menaces. Abuse of alcohol and tobacco are social issues and not issues restricted to my alma mater. Please contact me if you can prove to me that no other school boy/girl abuses alcohol and tobacco and I would be more than happy to publicly withdraw this statement – coupled with a public apology.
Essentially, your uneducated generalisation is null and void due to;

1. The fact that you’ve reduced a problem holding one school accountable,
2. Your gendered perspective on this matter that is – newsflash – outdated.
Lastly, I would like to thank all my sister students for standing United and politely responding to the hatred that has been directed towards us on this important day.
And dearest mother Musaeus, congratulations on bringing up a resilient generation of girls who are ever willing to defend your honour. Thank you for teaching us to respond to hatred with love and compassion, thank you for being our strength.
Follow the light 🙂


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