Tonight I’ll leave the lights on. 


Years later, this space still acts as a time capsule for you, a time capsule for us. 

I loved you with all I had in the innocent kind of way one untainted soul would love another. And you loved me with a maturity I could not entirely comprehend. 

I’d like to say that the distance helped, I’d like to say that the time apart and years between then and now put things in to perspective. But when I came back home, I came to you, except in your place was a void. 

You and I were an accident waiting to happen – a regular decorated emergency. Yet, there was noting regular about us. We were the ying and the yang, completing each other only in ways the absolute opposite could. You are my necessary evil – now and then alike. When you left, I tuck my soul in a suitcase of iron and fled as fast as I could, to as further as I could. It’s been years since, and I’m caught up in a forcefield of apathy. 

Another time, you and I would not have let each other ago. But we’ve drifted too far apart to ever set anchor on the same shore again. But tonight I’ll leave the lights on, just in case you’re looking for a sign. 

I’m back home my love, but it just isn’t home anymore. 


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