An Open Letter to the United National Party and the People of Sri Lanka.


First and foremost, let me congratulate the people of Sri Lanka for their democratic victory. Secondly, I would like to thank the United National Party and the opposition collision for facilitating the victory. However, the retaliation to the inevitable post-election chatter has left me questioning.

The supporters of the opposing candidate erupted into a frenzy of allegation in the aftermath of His Excellency honourable Maithripala Sirisena’s victory. Foremost among such allegations was that the result of the election was decided mainly by the minority votes. While allegations of such nature are inevitable in the face of victory, the retaliatory measures are quite questionable in my humble opinion. As such, in response to these allegations, a series of charts, tables and other statistical apparatus were published on social media by official and unofficial pages supporting the newly elected president. The said material elaborated that the majority of the votes were from areas with a majority Sinhala voter base, thus nullifying the allegation of the opposing parties. While this appears to be true, whether this distinction was an essential one has been ringing inside my mind. My point is, so what if the minorities played a pivotal role in the election results?

As a citizen of Sinhala, Buddhist heritage and an offspring of a Kandyan family that has fought battles for the sake of the nation, I do not see the relevance of expounding on this detail. For years now we have been repeatedly told by our leaders that this land is a Sinhala Buddhist land. While Buddhism itself preaches against such demarcations I would leave the religious aspect of it for a different discussion. Nonetheless, facts remains that Sri Lanka in essence is a multi cultural, multi religious country with a history of coexistence. However, for the sake of appealing to the masses, we have been constantly fed the idea of Sri Lanka being a Sinhala majority state.

If Sri Lanka is to ascend forward as a multi cultural state, twenty million people strong, we must do so as people united inspire of ethnic differences. When the leaders of the state repeatedly emphasise on the differences, it becomes tougher to achieve these objectives. While I appreciate the change you intend to bring to Sri Lanka and I sincerely hope you act on your promises to do so, my question to you is, is it necessary to draw the lines between the majority and the minority, repetitively, even after the elections proved that the notions of ethnic majority and minorities is immaterial.
While I understand that you need to appeal to the masses, I implore you to not provide undue importance to racial and ethnic differences and petty arguments that rise from such trivial divides.

A collective of Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burger and other ethnicities have come together to form a majority that has elected the candidate you selected as the president of this beautiful country. We have come together despite the differences in our ethnicities, for the sake of the country we hold so dear. Please allow us to foster further coexistence and refrain from expounding on trivial scales of division in an attempt to silence those who are immune to the very idea of peaceful coexistence.

A concern citizen.


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