Poison and Wine•

He kissed her lips – she pulled away
He was persistent, and she, resistant.
She held that night closer to her heart –
a bruised body and a scarred soul.

Crowded places, strange faces and empty spaces – it all terrified her.
The battle grew her weary.
She felt reduced to a caucus carrying a dead soul.
That night continued to live in her
Haunting her
Smothering her
Not so easy to forget, harder to forgive.

And then he came along,
The same place – different time
It was different, he was different
When he looked at her, she could see –
She could see soul in his eyes.
Not emptiness, not darkness but soul.

He pulled her close,
She found herself being swept away
He kissed her lips,
Like butterfly kisses – gentle –
Putting her heartbeat back inside,
Brining her soul back to life.

Her story would forevermore have
Two people who changed her life:
One who painted her soul black,
And the other – who painted it
With all the shades of life.
One poison
The other, wine.



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