Slow down, the lights are red.

A warning sign, I’ve been here before.

Stop, stop before the crash,

before I collide, head-first, with everything that’s coming my way.

I stopped,

the gears shift to a neutral state,

the engine heaves a sigh – exhausted.

A placid state – motionless,

waiting for the shades to change,

wasting my life away behind a steering wheel.

waiting for a sign.

And then comes the Amber,

Hello there, I’ve been waiting for you.

Amber – you beautiful thing,

you beautiful sign.

I’m sitting here,

watching everyone and everything pass-by,

just an on-looker – just another among the crowd,

waiting for the shades to change; again.


But darling, I’m done waiting.


I’ve dealt with these shades before,

I’m shifting gears,

I’m taking control,

I’m taking over.

So what, if I collide,

so what, if I crash,

Its better than waiting,

anything – absolutely anything

is better than the wait.

I’m speeding up darling,

wasting time behind the steering wheel – no more.

Do you think you could keep up?




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