We are all loser, aren’t we?

When you let them make you cry,

when you let her abuse your trust,

when you let him steal your innocence,

and when all was said and done

and you built a stone wall surrounding your soul.

we lost didn’t we?

when we let it change us?

when we let it leave a scare,

when we let them take the best of us,

we didn’t stop there,

we sought refuge in empty words

and hollow relationships.

You tell yourself,

the age old lie,

you tell yourself,

the walls will keep you safe,

you tell yourself,

the cocoon will shelter you.


let go,

let go of the hurt,


break away,


touch the skies,

walk on clouds,

kiss the sunshine,

take a stroll upon the rainbows,


Undo the pain,

embrace life,




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