For you.©



No, I’m not going to take care of you,

watch over you,

shelter you,

protect you.

I think that’s the worst thing I can ever do to you.

I think I’d be of no use if I sheltered you.

Go ahead,

fall down,

get hurt,





get back up again.

And once you’ve gotten up,

fall down all over again.

You’ll walk out to the world,

and it will greet you with arms wide open,

and you’ll walk right in to that trap,

the trap of the cold embrace,

the cold embrace of a skeletal hand.

I want you to know that,

I want you to know that you’ll hurt,

and your soul will burn,

let it.

I will hold you through it,

I will walk with you through it,

but never, ever deny you of it,

deny you of the lesson it engraves in your soul.

Put yourself out there,

get hurt.


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