Equality; are we ready for it?


“Oh no”, She said,

“I would never ask a boy out on a date, a girl should never ask a boy out on a date.”

And she nodded her head disapprovingly, just for theatrics.


We’ve been fighting for equality.

Be it in the arena of politics, education, job market or just the seemingly mundane household affairs.

We’d fight for our sisters who are hindered of job opportunities simply because of men, who undermine the power of a woman,

We’d speak up for the girl, who isn’t given the chance of receiving proper education, simply because she is a girl,

Every day is a fight for “equality”.

But do we comprehend the essence of the word equality in its entirety? Or are we pushing it downhill from a term once bore so much purpose to an excuse that is overrated?


So what If she asked him out on a date? What if she actually mused to courage to confess to him that she enjoyed his company? Are we going to disregard her place as a woman merely because she had the courage to face the risk of rejection in an age where men sort refuge in online forums to declare their emotions?

Are we going to wait for a man to open the door and say, “You first” and bow a little maybe, or are we ready to open the damn door ourselves and make our way through it?

Don’t get me wrong, I do not intend to play the devils advocate for chivalry ( and to kill the Diseny-dream). Having the door held for you, allowing you to lineup in first in a cue is indeed quite charming. But are you going to stand there and wait for itOr are you going to make your own way in the event that the doors aren’t held for you? Would you blame her if she opened the door herself?

In our day to day life, we have pushed ourselves to a place where we believe that certain things are not for us, that they are “for the boys”. Must we continue to restrict ourselves?

Is it possible to fight for “equality” while advocating preferential treatment?

Are WE ready for equality or are we fighting for something a notch above?





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