Phoenix burn.

Have you ever lost everything?

Your family, your friends, your lover, yourself; have you lost it all?

It could have been for just a moment, for a day, for a month,

but, have you?

have you lost it all?

That moment where you stand alone and let it sink,

let the hollowness penetrate your soul,

let the piercing silence converse with the demons within,

let the paralysing pain sink in, numbing your bones with excruciating pain,

you realise you’ve lost it all,

you’ve lost it all

and you’re running,

you’re running away from everything,

and you have no where to run.

She knew what it felt like to have the world crumble down,

she knew what it felt like to loose everyone

and in an attempt to save the people she loved,

she lost herself,

but she held on,

she held on to her soul.

But of course, impermanence works its magic.

Nothing is permanent,

not even the pain.

She finds someone else,

someone else to love,

someone else to fill the void,

one person, two people, three.

she finds people to love,

she finds people to lean.

But this time its different,

she knows she can runaway,

and she knows she will.

But she knows Pain, she recognises its face,

she shook hands with devil before,

nothing scares her anymore.

That is the beauty of it,

the beauty of life.

She lost it all,

she went on,

she held on,

she rose above,

and she’s not afraid of the fall,

she knows she will rise above.



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