Is it possible for some place to be so full of joy that it was borderline chaotic?

I guess it was.

Because the ceremonial welcoming unfolding right in front of him bore testimony to it.
It was so full of joy. Pure joy. Smiles on everyone’s faces and each and everyone of them taking turns to hug him. Non stop questions of various how’s and where’s followed by rampant rambling of “I’m glad you’re back”s and “I’m happy you’re home”. Other than the occasional, “you’ve gained weight”, the atmosphere was full of joy.

The smell of his favorite meals teased him, coming from the direction of the kitchen. The familiar smell of his household, the comforting embrace of his mother, the joyful punches of his baby brother and assuring glare of his father were overwhelming him with a sense of nostalgia.

He was standing there;

a solitary man amidst a crowd,

looking back at the most familiar strangers he has ever known,

absorbing the atmosphere full of things that he called home,


he was standing there wearing a smile,


he was standing there in silence,


he didn’t have the heart to tell them that he doesn’t belong,

that, he’s been away too long to call this home.




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