Hush now, don’t say a word.

Hear me out,

I know it’s my fault,

I know it now.

Like a tiny demented tin over-pouring water that’s collecting from the rain, my life is full of people that are filling my emptiness with their never ending, overpowering and pointless weight. Just like the rain water, it’s filling the emptiness but it’s collecting rust on the borders of my soul that they touch. It’s killing me. It’s taking life out me, one day at a time.

I can’t keep going on. The rain water isn’t of any use to me.

Before I know, I’ll be one with the soil, one with the dust, one with earth.

And I’m not letting myself rust,

I’m not decomposing,

Not until you’re here.

I will bend a little, twist a little,

It’ll hurt me,

It’ll displace me,

It’ll leave me out of place,

It’ll bring the emptiness back.

But then there will be room,

Room for you,

Room for your light,

Room for sunshine,

And I’ll let you in.

I’ll let you reach inside my soul and calm me with your burning grace,

I’ll let you sooth me with your warmth,

I’ll let your light shine through me,

And you’ll save me,

I’ll shine again.


Hush now, I know it’s not your fault.

I haven’t made room for you,

I didn’t make room for you,

I let myself seek refuge in the rainwater that filled the emptiness inside my soul.

But, darling, now it’s all over.

I’m letting it go.

I’m making room for you.


Come now,

Fill me with you’re the love of your light,

Fill me with life,

And I’ll shine again,

Reflecting your rays,





You and I.


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