Yes, you.

Thank you.

Your arrival was timely. I needed you,

at the time.

 I needed your comforting touch,

I needed your soothing words,

I needed your grace,

I needed your faith,

I needed your love,

 I needed you to light the spark in my heart,

 I needed you to ignite my soul.

But things have changed.

That’s okay darling, it always does.

We’re clouding each other’s judgments,

We’re swallowing each other’s souls,

We’re draining each other’s faith,

We are wearing out.

We’ve worn out.

When you replaced the smile you drew so ardently on my heart with pain and hurt, my soul burnt. The tears started pouring down my cheeks and before they hit the ground the hurt turned into anger and built a house in my heart. Before the anger could turn my heart into cold stone, the self pity and bitterness started clogging my veins.

But darling, now it’s all over. My sight is back.

It’s time for you to leave. Darling, I’m letting you go.

I must.

I must let you go.

I must make room.

There is another you waiting to ignite my soul.

All over again.




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