Scared of Lonely.


And then he said, “stay. Please?”


He held her hand.  She felt the grip on her heart.


She looked into his eyes.


She can see it in his eyes.


She knows that he doesn’t think her smile is like sunshine, that her walk is earth real, that her eyes twinkle like stars, her voice – serenading like a peaceful waterfall.



She knows it.


Her heart speaks to her. Her thoughts lost in his eyes; unable to find their way back.


She knows it makes her weak, the look in his eyes. The constant glare that stares right through her; penetrating through, reaching to her soul. She knows that it makes her happy; the brightness of his smile, and the chimes of his laugh. She knows it makes her feel safe, to have his arms wrapped around her. She knows she’s loses breath for a while, when she leans front to kiss him..


She knows that she loves him, for everything he is.



And she also knows,

He is just scared of lonely.




He says again.




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