Good at heart and whatnot.


So we’re good people at heart and all that.


But when Stella called at two in the morning and asked me if I was asleep, I told her, “No darling, whats the issue ?”

And for the next 3 hours and 43 minutes she was crying about her boy friend’s ex girl friend’s mother and grand mother. And when it was all done she said, ” I’m really sorry to have disturbed you..” I said, “It’s okay darling, anytime”  murmuring the only french I knew under my breath. Good thing that story of hers had a lot to do with the job interview I had at 8.00 in the morning, the same morning.

And then when I called Stella at 10.00 in the night when my boy friend’s ex-girl friend’s mother’s grand mother had a story to tell, she couldn’t talk because her dada doesn’t like when she’s on the phone at 9.59 in the night.


So we teach our children not to lie.


But the time aunty Kamala came , I heard amma tell thaththa, “Upul look here, that one is coming noh. Now will go and tell this is wrong that is wrong, this Vars was in the wrong place and all that.. don’t know why she has to come. coming with all her children also ! have to cook for a dansala now.”


And then when aunty kamala stepped in,

“Aaaneh Kamalaaaaaa, how how ? I was telling Upul that day, we must go and all, what to do so, busy busy busy ! Aneh putha and duwa, I was telling nangi, don’t know how akka is and all, she was also asking” , said amma.And then at lunch she made sure they had three helpings each , at least.

And before they left aunty Kamala said, ” Aaaaneh Kusum nice vars , where did you buy ? ” , with a half crooked smile that suggested otherwise.



But then, we’re all good people in the heart.


“All men and women are merely players”, only.Image


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