Narcissistic assumptor*

If I were to describe a wicked selfish toxic pathetic excuse for a human being, and you immediately assume its about you -does it say more about myself, or you?     *a person who claims to be humble while also assuming everything is about him/ her. you. Advertisements


Hearts a little heavy (But it’s still beating, it’s still beating). 

Thank you for pointing out my flaws. 

Ty ne mozhesh’ukazyvat’ na moi nedostatki I smeyat’sya nado mnoy Ne kogda ya Noshu ikh na sebe Slovno ozherel’e Chtoby vse videli V luchshem sluchaye Ty mozhesh’ smeyat’sya vmeste so mnoi No ty ne mozhesh’ smeyat’sya nad etim – Ty ne mozhesh’ smeyat’sya nado mnoy Razve ty ne vidish’

You shouldn’t have left. 

Because I told you, if I had to learn it the hard way, I’d learn it the hard way anyway – you couldn’t have protected me from that.  I still believe that there is good in people – sometimes buried way way beneath. But there is, there is good I swear. 

12 scars later. 

12 exit wounds carved in to my upper thigh. No one knows, no one will ever know. No one will ever have enough patience to explore, to know.  12 exit wounds carved in to my upper thigh. The pain is felt. The pain has exited. Crimson proof of life touching against every attempt at hiding…

Favourite movie; a question.

When asked what the favourite movie is, you always have the standard truth in response: Children of Men (2005), Girl, Interrupted (1999), Pretty Woman(1998).   But no one ever asks you what the most special movie is -that is a whole other answer.     Love, Rosie. 

Pre departure scribbles 

I’m leaving, But I’m not saying goodbye  – does it mean that I know I’ll be back, Or does it only mean I know you’ll never really let me go? 

Thank you notes 2017; to the Rockstar. 

The year started in atrophy – both of us starting off what would be one of our worst-best years.  Thank you for being my silver-lining through all of it. Thank you for being the one person who responded to all my crazies with “I understand”, and my personal favourite, “save your explanations for someone who…

Airplane mode. 

Life is on airplane mode.  The irony is that no would be reaching out to me even if I were to be fully accessible. No one. I’ve never been the kind of person that is missed. As I was reminded yesterday,  (you) ‘only know one thing and that is to love unconditionally. But you don’t…