How to love broken things.

You tried to heal broken things – fix them, perhaps. Don’t. Instead, give it love, (She won’t believe you) and some more, (She starts to believe now) Hold on to the little love and bitter honesty that comes your way. (silent betrayals opening up after years won’t sound elegant; she is rough edges.) Keep giving…

To my child(ren); Quiet victories and loud failures.

I’ve been dealt a lucky hand. But my victories are quiet – they understand the language of victory, I don’t need to explain. They know it when they see it, they readily acknowledge it, hastily claim their piece of it, congratulations and move on. My failures are always loud – they are strangers to the…


I’m trying to figure out if its just my past or if its actually abuse when you keep reminding me of my flaws and reducing me to nothing.   (its hard to tell when you have nothing else to compare to)


I think what hurt the most was the insinuation beneath the facade; the insinuation that I may not be capable of deciding your misdirected gazes, hidden smiles and the coy whispers. The insinuation that I lacked the brains to distinguish between black and white and understand that it’s all grey anyway. But I’m the daughter…

Fait Accompli

Is it my destiny then, to become you. You held on to an old love, veiling your eyes to the rest of the truth, I’m holding to you and your old love, veiling my eyes to the rest of the truth. Don’t you see – don’t you see I’m infuriated Broken by the makers, Forced…


You broke the walls, he walked in (Trust the timing, isn’t that what you said?)


I haven’t written to you in a while. Just to let you know, heart is home – heart is happy. 

Narcissistic assumptor*

If I were to describe a wicked selfish toxic pathetic excuse for a human being, and you immediately assume its about you -does it say more about myself, or you?     *a person who claims to be humble while also assuming everything is about him/ her. you.


Hearts a little heavy (But it’s still beating, it’s still beating).